Product Safety – Growatt 8.2KW Solar Inverter 8000 MTL-S

What are the defects? The connectors installed with the inverter are of different types and manufacturers, which does not comply with the electrical safety standards. The incompatible connectors could overheat or melt. What are the hazards? If the connectors overheat or melt, there is a risk of the connectors catching fire, which may result in […]

Growatt New SPH5000 Hybrid is Now CEC Approved!

Hybrid Inverter with UPS Built-In Now CEC Approved!The key features of the Growatt new SPH5000 include: ▪ Integrated both on-grid and off-grid operation mode ▪   ▪ Can be connected up To 10.6kW Solar Panel ▪   ▪ With 4kW charging/discharging power ▪  ▪ With UPS feature in-built ▪  ▪ Smart load management via Dry contact ▪  ▪ With the Remote smart operation & maintenance (O&M) ▪  Click […]

$250 Power Saving Bonus

The $250 Power Saving Bonus for Pensioner Concession Card holders and some Health Care Card holders (including JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, Austudy and Abstudy recipients) is now available. Before submitting an application for the bonus, please read the eligibility requirements. Eligibility Requirements You must be a Victorian residential energy consumer (i.e. have a residential electricity account). […]

Solar Price Increase next month

The Solar Energy market/industry is impacted by consistent instability of the Currency Exchange rate (AUD Vs USD) over last few months, Sharp increase in Freight cost to import, and increased production cost.For the reasons stated above, it is inevitable to increase and revise the Solar panel and its accessories (inverter/mounting/Electricals, etc) prices from 1st September […]

Retrofit Your Solar System with AC Coupled Package

With over 2 million installed solar systems, the ac coupled battery system has a great market to explore. With solar-only systems, you only save consumption during the daytime. Only after having a battery system, will be a complete power system that saves both daytime usage and night-time usage for you. The AC couple package includes […]

Victorian Lockdown – Solar Victoria Updates

The Victorian government has further refined guidance for Solar installers under the current restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne. Limits on working across multiple sites have been applied for specialist contractors including solar installers. Limits on site visitsIn metropolitan Melbourne Under the restrictions, workers in small scale construction – which includes solar installations – may only visit […]

Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar Panel 25 Year Warranty

Canadian Solar panel increased from 12 years to 25 year warranty for residential installation in Australia. Refer to HiKu – Canadian Solar Australia ( Such is the confidence in Canadian Solar’s products, they have more than doubled their previous warranty, making it the longest product warranty in Australia. Not only being Tier 1 panel, it […]

Growatt Releases 3 MPPT Solar Inverters in AU

Growatt has release 3 MPPT solar inverters from 7-10KW for single phase installations. What does that mean? Now installations can have panels facing 3 directions instead of the normal 2 without the use of optimisers. Having a market share of about 24% in the residential space, they are set to increase their market share with […]