Hybrid Inverter with UPS Built-In Now CEC Approved!

The key features of the Growatt new SPH5000 include:

▪ Integrated both on-grid and off-grid operation mode ▪  

▪ Can be connected up To 10.6kW Solar Panel ▪  

▪ With 4kW charging/discharging power ▪ 

▪ With UPS feature in-built ▪ 

▪ Smart load management via Dry contact ▪ 

▪ With the Remote smart operation & maintenance (O&M) ▪ 

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Growatt inverters have become one of the most sought inverters in the solar market today. Known for the high efficiency and excellent performance ratings, Growatt inverters’ expertise is trusted and continually proved by the high volume of sales across global, to date, Growatt has already shipped over 2.6 million inverters to more than 100 countries.

Being World’s No.1 residential inverter brand, Growatt strive to provide the best solar product to users. After gathered valuable feedback from Australian installers and users, the brand made a localisation improvement for the SHP inverter series.

Able to workboth on-grid and off-grid and provide an optimum electricity supply with DC and AC coupling, with 4kW charging/discharging power.

The new SPH 5000 model is also integrated with an ATS (automatic transfer switch) which can achieve UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) functionon 10ms transition time. The built-in UPS can instantly provide power from solar in the situation of grid power failure.

The inverter also can be managed via dry contact, which means the inverter can communicate with other devices like Diesel Generator. With a better performance on smart load management, this Growatt inverter is the best solution to your solar project, especially for residents located in remote areas.

Growatt 6.6KHW Battery

The Growatt brand is known for its incredible efficiency and performance across all of its performance, and the Growatt battery is no exception.

The 6.5kWh lithium battery comes with a flexible capacity and compact size. The storage system had a high-efficiency level which had been undertaking extensive R&D process and testing. The quality check procedures guaranteed the safety of Growatt evolving innovation on products.

Since temperature plays a huge role in battery performance, which is the determining factor of the efficiency of the battery, Growatt heavily invests in technology innovation in this aspect. Growatt batteries process an incredible operating temperature range. Performing well in both hot and below-freezing environments, the design is perfect to adapt to the changeable Australian weather.

All Growatt batteries have a low and stable temperature regulation during charge and discharge. The temperature control ensures safe operation and maximizes your solar system’s electricity generation. As seen in the graphs below, Growatt batteries have a maximum temperature rise of just 13ºC, making them very safe and efficient and also has a very stable maximum temperature range of just 4.7ºC across all of its cells.