The Victorian government has further refined guidance for Solar installers under the current restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne.

Limits on working across multiple sites have been applied for specialist contractors including solar installers.

Limits on site visits
In metropolitan Melbourne

Under the restrictions, workers in small scale construction – which includes solar installations – may only visit three sites per week.

Solar installers are listed as specialist contractors.
Specialist contractors or supervisors who need to move between sites may only visit three sites per week.
All workers moving between multiple sites must wear a face mask (indoors and outdoors), check-in using the Victorian Government’s QR code app, and observe hygiene measures.
Supervisors moving between sites should adhere to enhanced COVIDSafe practices.
Further information on the requirements can be found at

Authorised provider and authorised worker permits

Solar installers must carry a permit when undertaking authorised work.

You can carry a printout or an electronic copy of the permit when undertaking the permitted activity and when traveling to and from the destination at which the permitted activity takes place.

Each employer must determine who will be authorised to issue worker permits. Employers with multiple work sites may decide to designate an authorised person at each work site.

Employers should minimise any requirement for employees to work at different sites.

Where possible, if a person is working regularly across the same locations, their permit should specify the sites they attend.

Victorians living in regional Victoria and entering metropolitan Melbourne for authorised work must also obtain a permit.